FECC Hold Talks with Malaysian MOA and Agro-Based Industry

DATE: 2018-10-10 SOURCE:农业农村部对外经济合作中心 VIEWS:

On August 20, the Foreign Economic Cooperation Center (FECC) of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Area of China was invited to hold talks with the Palm Oil Department, Natural Rubber General Administration, etc., Ministry of Agriculture and Agro industry, Malaysia, to exchange views on strengthening investment cooperation of palm oil and rubber industry between China and Malaysia.

Malaysia side introduced the functions of the General Administration of Palm Oil and the General Administration of Rubber, and expressed the hope of strengthening cooperation with FECC in terms of technological innovation in palm, rubber production and processing, and attracting Chinese enterprises to invest in Malaysia, so as to improve the mechanization of the industry and extend the industrial chain to a deeper level.

FECC welcomed Malaysia side, expressed appreciation for the long-term friendly cooperation and introduced the main functions of FECC, China’s agricultural investment cooperation with Malaysia as well as the trade and investment in palm oil and rubber industries between the two countries. FECC stated that, as a net importer of palm oil and rubber products from Malaysia, China will adhere to the policy of opening up to the outside world and facilitating trade and investment, and be willing to sign a memorandum of understanding with the Malaysian Palm Oil Administration, the General Rubber Administration, the relevant research institutes and investment funds of China in due course to strengthen practical cooperation. In addition, China invited the guests to attend the Belt and Road agricultural investment cooperation forum held in Nanning, Guangxi on September 13.

Malaysia side agreed with the proposal provided by FECC and indicated that it would actively promote the signing of the memorandum of understanding, integrate advantageous resources, innovate cooperation forms and promote cooperation between China and Malaysia in palm oil, rubber and other industries.