Investigation Group of DRC Agriculture Assistance Demonstration Center Project Visits China-DRC SSC Project


On August 15, entrusted by the National Agency for International Development Cooperation, a six-member group of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) Agriculture Assistance Demonstration Center (the Investigation Group) headed by Dong Baojian, Vice-President of Hainan Agricultural Reclamation Design Institute came to Lubumbashi Agricultural Demonstration Park of Zhejiang Huayou Cobalt Co.,Ltd. (Huayou Demonstration Park) where the China-DRC South South Cooperation (SSC) Project Expert Group is stationed to evaluate and inspect the new project of supporting DRC Agricultural Demonstration Center.


The investigation group listened carefully to the work report of the expert group for the year and field visited the pilot demonstration projects of rice, dry farming, vegetables, animal husbandry, aquatic products, feed and agricultural machinery in Huayou Demonstration Park. After investigation and communication, the mode of combining SSC project with Chinese funded enterprises has attracted the attention of the inspection group. Under the request of the group, Wei Xiangxin accompanied with the inspection team visited the FAO office in Lubumbashi.


discussion between investigation group and expert group      group photo of investigation team and expert team  


             investigating vegetables                        investigating animal husbandry

Mr. Marcel, Director of the FAO Office in Lubumbashi briefed the investigation team on the implementation of the SSC project. He expressed that the expert group not only supported Huayou Demonstration Park in agricultural production, but also provided technical services for farmers around Lubumbashi such as rice, soybeans, vegetables, agricultural machinery, animal husbandry and aquatic products. It has achieved perfect results. At present, the SSC project is deepening cooperation with Huayou Demonstration Park and three villages have been selected as demonstration sites around the park, each village arranges 2 hectares of land for rice, millet and soybean cultivation. Huayou Demonstration Park provides seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, small farm implements, etc. to help and guide farmers to develop and improve their lives. SSC projects are welcomed by local governments and farmers.


Group photo of investigation group in FAO office in Lubumbashi          visiting the FAO director of Lubumbashi


Dong Baojiang said:” SSC projects combined with Chinese public welfare enterprises have realized complementary advantages, integrated resources effectively and achieved “one plus one greater than two” results. This practice has enhanced the vitality of the project and it can be served as a reference for the agricultural demonstration center projects.”